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Weightlifting Wednesday: Consistent Back Angle


Weightlifting Wednesday: Consistent Back Angle

Something that I have been working pretty frequently on with my coach, Spencer Arnold along with my athletes here at Beartooth CrossFit is maintaining Consistent Back Angle throughout the first pull.  What I mean by this is that the angle of which you start any Olympic lifts should remain unchanged as you move through the first pull!

Before I start with the “why” please note there are many opinions out there on whether or not your back angle should change during the first pull of the the Olympic lifts. Before I continue, I was taught that consistency is key.  For example, in working with one of our athletes yesterday, I noticed that her back angle changed throughout her 1st pull.  Now, I watched as weight changed and fatigue set in and guess what….. her back angle changed with every lift! This constant change in back angle will ALWAYS create an array of results thus causing each lift to look different.  I am not trying to speak for you, but I prefer a consistent back angle!

When we decide to have a constant back angle a couple things will happen.

1. Having a constant back angle will create the greatest amount of leverage over the bar thus enabling the use of your hamstrings.

2. With a constant back angle with all your lifts allows for consistency regardless of weight.  This allows each lift to look the same thus maximizing training time!

3. Lastly, keeping the constant back angle minimizes the chance of loading your anterior side early.  Decreasing this, will help with keeping that bar close throughout your second pull.

This is a follow-up from an earlier post titled Stop Deadlifting Your Snatch Pull

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