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Thirsty Thursday: Get Cut


Thirsty Thursday: Get Cut

Thirsty Thursday Is Back Again! Can you believe we are only one week away from Thanksgiving! This time of year is never easy when it comes to controlling the “bulge”. However, there are a few simple steps you can do to make sure you keep those extra calories under control. Whipping up a morning smoothie can be a foolproof way to start your day. It’s easy to watch your portions, it can be chock-full of nutrients, and is better for you than sugar-laden cereal. All you have to do is make that morning smoothie right. How do you make it “right”? Well, blitzing a bunch of fruit together can spike your blood sugar and kick your cravings into high gear. Instead make sure you add key ingredients that help but the brakes on cravings. Fiber and protein are key in helping keep you fuller for longer—and because fats don’t increase blood sugar levels, they don’t trigger cravings. So next time you want to make a smoothie for a nutritious breakfast try our feature drink this week : GET CUT. Or try creating one of your own and post it in the comments below!



GET CUT : Vanilla Protein, Sliced Pear, Whole Wheat Oats, Almond Milk, Ice and Cinnamon. We suggest adding your favorite nut butter for a healthy fat that will help keep your blood sugar spikes at bay all morning long.

BREAK DOWN (16oz) : 210 Calories / 25g Carbohydrates / 9g Fiber / 11g Sugar / 18g Protein.

Stop by today for Thirsty Thursday at Get Juiced! Don’t forget to mention this week’s feature the “Get Cut” and “Beartooth Crossfit” for 10% off your entire order. Stay Thirsty and Healthy this week Friends!

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