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Technique Tuesday:Pose Method, Reduce your running injuries by 50% Part 1 of 3


Technique Tuesday:Pose Method, Reduce your running injuries by 50% Part 1 of 3


“Which of these species is told there are many different running techniques? Which of these species does have different running techniques? Which of these species is dealing with an injury rate that would have 3 of the other species in a mass extinction?” – Brian Mackenzie

Now, I know if you have been reading Russ’ Sunday Sermon he made it very clear not to open up with a quote but honestly, I truly could not help myself here…. it is just so perfect!

Regardless, I am sure I will hear about it…….. To the topic at hand, POSE RUNNING!

Beartooth CrossFit is one of the few CrossFit gyms in the state that offer a true Endurance program! Here, we not only prepare you for your 5k, Spartan Beast, GORUCK, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon, Triathlon, etc. etc., we teach the “Pose” running method…. The question we often receive though is why?

Let me ask you this….. Do you think everyone knows how to run, let alone correctly?

The next time you go for a run, watch those that surround you. What do they look like? Are there members that have similar technique? Are there individuals that make it seem effortless? Why is it you see someone like Travis (our Endurance Coach) who has such a majestic presence about him and then have the complete opposite in myself? The answer I think is simple, we just simply forgot how to run!


“I run all the time!” Yes, yes you do and we applaud you for that but unlike other species, we as human’s no longer rely on such a skill for survival. We are no longer chasing prey, we are no longer running to escape predators. We as a race have become stagnant and in doing so we have to relearn the skill…. the skill of running.

I know what you’re thinking… Everyone knows how to run, some of us are just naturally better than others… Right? Well… not really. To consider something a skill, you have to believe there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it despite your so called predetermined destiny of what could be a world class runner (Before you continue please stop and continue reading. I am not saying that there are some born with a gift and others without…. that is very true but when it comes to technique that is something that is and will always be refining regardless who you are).

With that being said, the Pose method looks at running as a skill and because of this, it has its own theory, rules, and practice exercises. Leg strength will only take you so far in Olympic Lifting, there comes a time in which you need to learn proper form to continue to progress. The same can be said about aerobic capacity.  How efficient your oxidative system is will eventually plateau if your movement is not efficient enough to truly achieve maximal speed and distance. Insert Pose Method.

So What Is The Pose Method

The Pose Method is a running technique originating in the 1970’s by Dr. Nicholas Romanov but gaining more and more popularity with the help of CrossFit.

*Please note that CrossFit is not the only institution to benefit from the the Pose Method. Military, Sports Programs, and Running/Triathlon Clubs have also adopted this!

The foundation of the Pose Method is technique (are you catching on here…… Everything we teach originates with a solid technical understanding of the movement before you progress). The three steps of the Pose Method Technique are

  1. Pose
  2. Fall
  3. Pull


When running, there are essentially four sources that are constantly acting on the body.

  1. Gravity
  2. Muscle Elasticity
  3. Ground Reaction
  4. Muscle Contractions

When we are at a state of unbalance these forces acting upon the body propel us forward. The goal of the POSE, FALL, PULL is to constantly create this state of unbalance.



Start by standing in the S-shaped position with bent knees and heels slightly off the ground. Then, using your hamstring, pull one foot off the ground, ankle in line with the knee, maintaining balance. This is the Pose position, or “figure-4” position which you should maintain throughout your run. Next, from the ankle and the hips begin to lean forward breaking your balance.  Allow your raised foot to fall down with gravity’s help, landing on the ball of the foot, while simultaneously pulling your other foot off the ground with your hamstring. The loss of balance and gravity’s assistance moved you forward, with very little muscle interference. Keep in mind that throughout the Pose Method, your support foot (the one on the ground) lands on the forefront of the foot directly under you center of mass resulting in less energy expended which allows for a saved increase in endurance and speed.

Though some may be perceive it as anecdotal, many believe this technique has actually reduced the impact on their knees by 50%!


By limiting the body’s vertical up and down movement while running will ultimately limit the overall “pounding” your skeletal system takes when running.

Please note that when it comes to adjusting/correcting anything that has to do with form, or technique, will take time. Breaking 15+ years of bad habits does not happen over night so please have patience when it comes to learning this new technique, we promise it will be worth it!

If you are interested in learning more about the Pose Method look for Part 2 and 3 along with attending the RunRX Clinic October 15th and 16th hosted by Valerie Hunt at Beartooth CrossFit! This is an awesome opportunity and a great place to start if you are looking for hands on “how-to”

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