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Technique Tuesday: Incorporating Pose Running into your Training


Technique Tuesday: Incorporating Pose Running into your Training

Last week, we discussed a new methodology in Running called the Pose Method.  This method is being widely adopted through CrossFit, Militaries across the world, and running clubs in our very own backyard. This method, though maybe anecdotal, has been seen to reduce injuries and increase running efficiency. So we left last week with “what is” this week we discuss the “how-to!” More importantly how to incorporate into your training!

To Recap…..

The Pose Method breaks down running into three parts: the Pose, the Fall, and the Pull. Running will come down to how effectively you interact with gravity.

“The basic idea is to let gravity do most of the work….. To break balance and fall forward, the weight of the body must be on the ball of the foot.”

Lean forward, changing support form one leg to the other by pulling the foot of the support leg toward your butt in a vertical line. Despite sounding simple in sounding simple in principle, the Pose Method takes a tremendous amount of practice. Not only to unlearn all the bad habits but you also have to learn the movement in itself.

I believe the most effective way to fully understand the Pose Method is to take your shoes off and run barefoot (Ever think where the minimal shoes came from?). In doing so, you will begin to subconsciously focus on your foots interaction with the ground. Landing on the ball of your foot as softly as possible will prove to you the least amount of pain during your run instead of “heel striking.”


It should be pretty easily understood that landing on your heels feels wrong. While landing on the ball of your foot feels good and “almost natural.”

Beginning your journey

The Pose Method is very simple when you break it down to poses. Practicing skills and drills that will target those specific poses will help it become muscle memory. The easiest way to start this process is by spending 10 – 15 minutes a day to work on the following sessions.





Body Weight Perception Drill

Lesson Two


Running Pose Drill

Lesson Three

Focus: The Falling Phase

Timber Drill:

The Following information is taken from and Dr. Romanov’s book The Running Revolution.  If you are interested in learning more about the Pose Method we invite you to attend the RUNRX Clinic this weekend at Beartooth CrossFit. Valerie Hunt will be leading us through a two day clinic around the Pose Method. We hope that you can make it!!!


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