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Technique Tuesday: How to Perfect the Pose Method


Technique Tuesday: How to Perfect the Pose Method

Welcome to the third and final part of our Technique Tuesday on the Pose Method! Between our first two posts and the unbelievable Seminar by RunRX and Valerie Hunt we will finalize this series with a better understanding of how to tie this all together!

As a recap….

The importance of the Pose Method is to fully understand how your body interacts with gravity and using it to your advantage! The result is less energy expended during your run, which means more energy is saved for increased endurance and speed! The greatest benefit of the Pose Method is the longevity in which you are able to run. The Pose Method reduces impact on your knees by over 50%. It does this by minimizing the amount of your body’s vertical up and down during your run.

So how to…

The Pose Method is broken up into three different parts, the POSE, the FALL, and the PULL.

  •  POSE, the first of the three elements, refers to the runner’s S-stance as shown in the diagram. This shape helps to align shoulders, hips and ankles with the supporting leg.
  • FALL, Using the ball of the foot, the runner switches to the other foot while letting gravity do all the work
  • PULL, The support foot is then pulled from the ground, which allows the body to go forward.

So to tie it all together

Remember that the goal of any lesson is help build up your muscle memory so that proper running technique becomes second nature. As Valerie mentioned, it is always imperative to follow up a drill or skills session with a run, continuously “checking-in” so that form does not falter.

Now, we know that pounding the pavement isn’t the same as doing the drills over and over, they are not meant to be. The skills and drills are meant to isolate a specific aspect of the technique (Pose, Fall, Pull). If you have watched some of Valerie’s videos they might seem a little out of the ordinary but if you stick with them I promise you, you will get better and those sore joints won’t be so sore anymore!!!!


The following two drills will help you actively pull you foot underneath your hip. In doing so, these will help reinforce “landing” correctly! Try them out before you next run!

In order to learn this new technique make sure you set aside a little time each day to focus on your running technique by doing drills. It is essential that you do this while you are still fresh and can devote all of your focus on your form. Once you feel that you have begin to adopt the method for certain time domains or distances begin to increase distances but make sure your technique is maintained throughout your run!


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