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CrossFit Coach


CrossFit Coach


Exercise, athletics and competition have been constant in my life since I could remember. Exercise started as compliment to Baseball and Football and as I made the decision to play in College both sport and exercise became an obsession of mine. Insert Crossfit. Crossfit is a life-style and our box is our house and our members are like family. I have never been stronger, faster, or healthier than I am currently and it’s all of a result of nutrition, Crossfit, and Advocare.

Prior to Crossfit, I was your average gym rat. I was constantly looking for the “latest” ideas in fitness magazines and thought because it said low or no-fat, limited carbohydrates and calories it was healthy. Looking back, I understand why I had such little to show for all those years spent training that way. Since adopting Crossfit and truly good nutrition (thanks to Lindsay) I have accomplished more in a year than I did for the 12 years I did the conventional stuff in health and fitness magazines.

I see Crossfit as a vehicle by which many have achieved elite fitness. It is empirically proven and yields measurable results that you cannot only see but feel. The absolute best part of Crossfit is the community and fellowship that comes from the common desire to see one another triumph over weaknesses, face new challenges with strength and courage and to succeed in life. Crossfit becomes your passion and we all love it!


  • BS in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine
  • Crossfit Level-1 Instructor
  • Crossfit Mobility
  • Crossfit Endurance
  • USAW Sport Performance Coach