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Russell’s Sunday Sermon: Be Good Humans


Russell’s Sunday Sermon: Be Good Humans

I see a world where obesity, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, hyperglycemia, Type II Diabetes Mellitus, cardiovascular disease, vascular disease, metabolic syndrome, renal failure secondary to uncontrolled Type II DM, amputations and blindness secondary to Type II DM are all stories that we read about in textbooks. I see a world where the we have freedom of choice, but the choices that lead to these diseases are neither a realistic option for an individual, nor an acceptable burden to place on the totality of our healthcare industry.

Every one of these diseases has a genetic component.

It’s in my genes.

The obese child, carrying a bag of McDonald’s next to their obese parent, did inherent something from their parents, but it is much larger than the the exact order guanine, adenine, thymine and cytosine sorted themselves in their genetic structure. It is more philosophical than the histone folding and methylation of their DNA. Humans share 96% of our genetic structure with chimpanzees, so why do some humans more closely resemble a manatee than another human?

Human to human genetic variation is ~0.1%. A tenth of a single percent separates Usain Bolt from Honey Boo Boo. Let that sink in for a moment.

Granted, a tenth of a percent can account for a lot, but genetics gets a pretty hard rap from people who are eager to shirk responsibility for their actions. Genetics can explain predispositions for certain diseases, and can be the outright cause of others, but there is an element of choice in the former.

While the person to your left may develop a blockage in their heart from their dietary and lifestyle choices, the person to your right may make exactly the same choices and be in far better health. This sucks, and it means that the person to your left may have tougher choices to make, but they are still choices. The man suffering with heart failure, who eats fast food many times per week, the morbidly obese woman, with an A1C of 11.0 before her 24th birthday – these are choices. Their parents may have dealt them a poor hand at birth, but choice has not left the party.

It’s my metabolism.

It’s called Synthroid. I take it every morning. If it’s your metabolism, we can address that.

I see a world where everyone has to go to school long enough to understand some of these basic facts about the world and themselves. I see a world where everyone gets up in the morning, stretches and goes for a jog. I see a world where the government, insurance and healthcare industries conspire against the sort of lifestyle CHOICES that contribute to the slow, painful, expensive and terminal decline of the individual choosing to make themselves sick.

This broadcast is emanating from a Crossfit box…

I wonder what steps you could take to avoid such a terrible ending?

Beartooth tends to specialize in longer workouts. The members are strong – yes, but they also do obstacle races, mud runs and the like. They run 10ks. They do all of these things. They are youthful and vibrant and it is because they are in such damned good shape.

Little-by-little, one-by-by we all rediscover the abdominal muscles we lost in our teens.

But what if diet and nutrition are your challenge? We have five (or more?) registered dieticians in house, and they love to chat. Strength by Nutrition (Stesha – check out the Facebook page) can be found at BTCF. We have nurses and other health professionals who tend to be eager to share their thoughts. If nothing else, hanging out with a group of people focused on performance and nutrition can itself have a positive effect.

I’m tired of seeing sick people at the grocery store. I’m tired of seeing them idolized on TV. I’m tired of seeing so many sick people in the healthcare system who could have chosen not to be.

Make good choices.

Be good humans.

Come to our gym, hell go to any gym (but if my words moved you at all, come meet me at BTCF). I don’t care, as long as you set about fixing you. Skip the chip isle at the store. Skip the cookies. Skip the soda. Skip the fast food. If this leaves you with nothing to eat, reach out. There are people who can answer your questions.

I’d love to try.

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