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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy/The Beartooth Way

At Beartooth Crossfit we pride ourselves on being professionals. When a client comes to us, we are undoubtedly theirs. We are here for you and believe the growth you will achieve through us will be a means to an end. Crossfit offers immediate physical and psychological challenge and satisfaction. As an end, it represents extended achievement, allowing participants to reach personal goals and invites individuals to reach beyond the immediate, to realize greater degrees of well being, to build personal strength inside and out, and to grow into new futures. Our classes are intimate, paying attention to each person and movement.

Here, you will not find treadmills, elliptical, or stair-steppers. Nor will see walls covered with mirrors or isolation machines. What you will find are barbells, bumper plates, kettlebells, pull-up bars, dumbbells, medicine balls and tarmac. These will all be used the way the human body was meant to move and perform, which is how you will be trained. We will only use functional movements during our classes to make your life easier.

Our programming is constantly varied not to be confused with constantly random. There is a science behind what we do and how we program our workouts. Do not fret being in the best shape before you enter our programming, one of the many beauties of Crossfit is that it can be scaled to meet anyone’s fitness level.

Our Athletes

Our athletes, like the clothes you donate to Goodwill will come in many shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and ages. From athlete’s fresh out of NCAA sports, Military, Fire, EMTs and Police all the way to Nurses, full-time moms, to those who are starting fresh after a sedentary lifestyle, you will all find a place in our Crossfit Community a.k.a. “Our Bear Cave.”

Our Goal to You

Our ultimate goal is for you to achieve yours, whatever it may be. Through our programming, training, and nutritional experts we will turn your goals into a reality.