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Mobility Monday: Improving Overhead Mobility Part 3


Mobility Monday: Improving Overhead Mobility Part 3

This week on Mobility Monday, we will be continuing on with the topic of the shoulder. More importantly, the role it plays, and how to improve one’s overhead mobility.

If you recall the last weeks Mobility Monday, strength was briefly touched on and now that we have improved our thoracic mobility (Mobility Monday Week 1), rolled all those annoying and tight muscles its time to see what we got for strength and control.

Before we get started, please understand the importance of having strength/control through full range of motion.  Being able to control motion is as equally important as having the motion. The shoulder is considered a ball and socket joint with the humerus sitting in the socket of the scapula.  To understand the mobility the shoulder is capable of think of, think of a ball on a plate. It simply can roll around and glide with ease with no limitations ……This is where your muscles come in to play, controlling that range of motion.

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Muscles provide feedback to the brain where the joint is in time and space and then the brain regulates how much control is needed. If you are not getting the right amount of control you can actually be doing more harm than good. The ability to control the motion from start to finish is crucial especially when doing motions which are high in reps and weight.

This week Dr. Jay shows us a good test to see how good our shoulder control is and also turn it into a warm up exercise when getting ready for an overhead work out. Test your shoulders and see where you excel and where you can improve.




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