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Mobility Monday: Overhead Mobility


Mobility Monday: Overhead Mobility

Last week Dr. Jay Griffith (Dr. J) showed us a way to open up our Thoracic Spine specifically to improve our overhead mobility.

But before we get started, lets take a step a back and I want you to give this some thought….” What movements during your day to day life really requires full range of motion overhead or rather a movement at the end range of motion when overhead?”  Now I am sure there is someone out there that can rattle off a few but for the most part, none of us really spend anytime there! So, when an individual begins CrossFit a whole slew of new movements are thrown your way!

  • pull-ups
  • thrusters
  • wall balls
  • clean and jerks
  • snatches
  • overhead squats

All of these movements and many, many more require not only movement but also strength at these end ranges and for many of us, we will be doing movements, weights, reps counts that our bodies have never done before. With that being said, how will our bodies react? I honestly can’t give you a definitive answer but in talking to some people something is bound to break (hopefully not literally)!

Athletes and gyms need to take into account for the lack of overhead mobility.  When they do not, injuries occur….it may not be right that instant but if nothing changes it is inevitable (this is of course assuming you are starting off with poor mobility)!

So before you decide not to leave your home or couch because you are afraid of getting injured…. we have a solution!

We have many athletes complete what is now being coined as “PREhab.”  According to, PREhab is

“… emerging health trend proven to keep athletes and active individuals away from preventable injuries and unnecessary surgeries….”


So what should you do?

Talk to your trainer or Dr. J and continue reading our Mobility Monday blog! Build a PREhab regimen that is right for you and your goals! This will help your body adapt to these “new” movements, weights, rep counts and keep you healthy as you continue to strive for a better you!

If you are looking for a beginners guide to overhead mobility PREhab, below Dr. J has built a routine to add to last week’s Mobility Monday that isolates your trapezius, rhomboid, and subscapularis to better improve your overhead mobility!

So if you have limited shoulder external rotation, scapular upward rotation or even a lack of anterior core stiffness show a little TLC to your traps, rhomboids and subscap with this program and don’t forget to tag us in any and all photos as you begin to work on incorporating “PREhab” into your daily routine!!!

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