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Mobility Monday: Importantance of Mobility for Runners


Mobility Monday: Importantance of Mobility for Runners

Last week we discussed the difference of flexibility and mobility (If you missed it you can check that out here). Ultimately, flexibility is passive while mobility is active.

With that being said, there are many contributing factors to an increase in one’s mobility.

  • Long Slow Distance Method (LSD)
  • Gait Patterns
  • inactivity (sitting for 8 hours a day)

These are one of the many reasons why we incorporate mobility into all programs at Beartooth CrossFit! It not only helps be proactive in preventing injuries it has a drastic improvement on performance.

Below you will find a video in which Dr. Jay goes through some movements that will enhance any and all runners repertoire for staying active and healthy! So please take a minute or two and compete these in your warm-up and in your cool down.


So as you prep for our RunRX Clinic this weekend, October 15th and 16th please make sure you utilize these great tips from Dr. Jay to increase your dorsiflexion, hip extension and thoracic rotation.  Again, make sure you implement these before your next run and/or your participation this weekend!

We hope to see you all there!

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