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Mobility Monday: Fore Foot Mobility for the Pose Method


Mobility Monday: Fore Foot Mobility for the Pose Method

During a run, there are three common ways that one might describe their foots impact. The forefoot, the mid-foot or the heel.  Although the mid-foot promises to relieve runners from the same injuries as the forefoot, a study published from the Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine in 2004 showed that those runners landing on the mid-foot experienced from just as much “eccentric” work and load as heel strikers do!

With the importance of landing on the forefoot it is imperative that we take care of our feet!


With shifting the weight of the initial strike from the heel to the forefoot, it is imperative the forefoot is able to handle the load. Your foot is built like a spring board in which energy is accepted and then transferred…..putting the “spring” in your step. If the weight is not able to be transferred up the chain, issues arise from your foot all the way up the chain! It is imperative that we ensure the forefoot has the ability to accept the load to efficiently help you run.

So in order to do so, try these drills to assure your forefoot is ready for your next run!
1) Use ball under your foot and roll your arches front to back and side to side
2) Fold up a towel and place on floor, place out side of foot on the edge of the towel right along the mid line, lunge forward onto that foot and towel and allow the inside of the foot and big toe sink into the ground
This will allow the foot to be able to accept the ground and be able to spring off and run efficiently

Starting to believe in the Pose Method yet?

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