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Mobility Monday: Ankles… You don’t need no Stinkin Ankles


Mobility Monday: Ankles… You don’t need no Stinkin Ankles


Mobility vs. Flexibility…

I thought by starting off with this, will clear some things up before we actually get started!

Are they different? Yes, yes they are!

Flexibility is  the range of motion through a joint. That 100% unhindered range of motion.

Mobility is the ability to control and create movement through that range of motion.

Think of it this way, mobility is the functional capacity whereas flexibility is the absolute capacity.  Before you continue reading assess yourself what do you need to work on? If you don’t know how, talk to your trainer and/or seek a professionals help.  If you in fact have a lack of mobility with your foot/ankle and often have pain when running…. please read on!


The foot/ankle might arguably be the most ignored joint in the entire human body! Having over 26 bones, 33 joints, and 100 muscles/tendons/ligaments in the ankle/foot I can see why it would be a lot easier to focus your time elsewhere…….. but why? We often assess the integrity of a structure by looking at the base but when it comes to the human body we look elsewhere. Again, why?  Is this an problem of ignorance or purely a lack of knowing “How-To?”

With limited mobility in your ankle (or really any joint) during a movement your body will compensate for it elsewhere to get the job done…. it’s funny like that.  When it comes to the Zombie Apocalypse this might in fact save your life although in the mean time creating an overuse injury because we continue to negate poor mobility in our ankles might actually cause you to be the first one out…..

So lets discuss something….

When we assess new members (and current) three things typically arise in the lower extremities…..

  1. Poor dorsiflexion
  2. Tensor Fasciae Latae Dominance
  3. Poor Glute Activation

Are all of these connected, or independent of each other? More often then not, they are all connected! The question is, which one is root of the problem?

We will start with the foot/ankle in which, Dr. Jay has put together a video that shows not only correct mechanics for the ankle regarding running but also what to mobilize to help improve your movement pattern!





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