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May Athlete of the Month – Kasey Austin


May Athlete of the Month – Kasey Austin

Kasey Austin

The first time I ever walked into a CrossFit gym was about a year ago when my dad and I were looking to

hire a “CrossFit guide” for Austin Adventures’ Reebok Fitness Vacations. We randomly showed up to one

of Beartooth’s noon classes and asked Mack on the spot if he’d be willing to jump on board our pilot trip

taking place in July. If I remember correctly, Mack didn’t have to think twice before saying yes!

What took place after that initial meeting was a wild summer’s ride of A) learning how to work with a

giant corporation like Reebok; B) actually running our first ever Montana Reebok Fitness Vacation, which

Mack & I got to participate in back in July 2014; C) a really fun Reebok video shoot with a few Beartooth

CrossFit members in September 2014… We didn’t get much further than this in the world of Reebok

(although we’re still trying), and it will be interesting to see if the Austin Adventures/Reebok partnership

continues…however, what matters most to me is that a lasting relationship with Beartooth CrossFit was


Ever since that first meeting with Mack back in May last year, he kept telling me I needed to try a

CrossFit class to see what all the hype was about. I kept brushing off the idea thinking that CrossFit was

most definitely not up my alley. I was into running and yoga (although pretty bored with that routine),

had never even tried lifting weights of any kind, thought that a pull-up was something I could just write

off as undoable for the rest of my life, and was pretty sure what I was doing for my workout routine was

enough to meet my fitness goals. Boy, did I have a lot to learn!

I “tentatively” started CrossFit at the end of October last year, thinking that I probably wouldn’t like it

and would just try it out to say I did it. I still can’t believe I went back after my first class – I still

remember looking at the WOD and dropping my jaw – there were around 150 squats mixed with who

knows what else, and I don’t think I’d done that many squats in my life! The next day I couldn’t walk but

still wanted to try it out just one more time before giving up. After my second workout, I felt a lot better

and was genuinely excited about giving CrossFit a real “go”. After all, running season was over for me

and I had nothing to lose…

What I didn’t realize initially was how much my workout routine and my body would change after

jumping into CrossFit with both feet. I went from coming in a couple times a week to now

enthusiastically heading to the Box almost every day. I haven’t stopped running (thanks Crossfit Endurance!)

 or yoga but I have seen major improvements and less injuries in both now that I’ve gained

more muscle and strength than I ever thought possible. I’ve started to see changes in my body that I had

just given up hope for since high school. I love the variety in the workouts and the coaches who push me

to my physical and mental limits. Most of all, I love the Beartooth Family and all the support that goes

into every workout – inside or outside of the gym.

I still can’t quite believe I got picked as May’s Athlete of the Month – there are so many athletes in this

Box who deserve the honor. Thanks to the coaches for throwing my name in the hat this time around,

and I can’t wait to continue with my training for the summer season!

P.S. If anyone ever needs a hiking, road biking, peak summiting or general adventuring buddy, shoot me

a Facebook message – I’m always down for putting all this CrossFit training to the test!! 😀

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