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March Athlete of the Month – Adrian Ortiz


March Athlete of the Month – Adrian Ortiz



It all started in May of 2014 where I first considered trying Crossfit and was really interested in

it. I first heard about it from my good friend Clay Hollett and his experience with Crossfit. It was always

in the back of mind but didn’t have the guts to go in and try. After I finished my first half of my Sr. year in

college I soon found out I needed to complete an internship for one of my classes. I was a bit lost in

what I wanted to do it in. As I was preparing to go home for the summer I felt it was a good time to get

the internship done. I was talking to my mom and trying to figure out a plan for me to complete this

internship. She had been working out with a personal trainer for about 6 months straight and began to

get to know him really well. They began talking about me and she told him how I needed an internship

for the summer. So he said he would try and figure something out for me and try to get me a spot at the

Crossfit gym he was working at. So I called Marty Scarberry up and arranged an internship for that



I was excited to start my internship but a little nervous.  It turned out that this pasted summer

was one of the most successful summers in my life. I learned so much in that 3 month shadowing Marty.

I was learning all the movements, and working with some awesome people. I have to give big thanks to

Marty for giving me this opportunity to shadow him for the summer. He taught me many things on how

to communicate with people in the class. Our deal we made together for the summer was so that I teach

with him the 4:30, 5:30, and 6:30 and for the 7:30 I myself would work out. He wanted me to work out

that way it helped me understand more of certain movements of Crossfit.


After coming back to Montana for my last semester of college I decided to look for a Crossfit box

to keep up all the work I did over that summer. I began looking around but was scared that I wasn’t

going to find a good box to workout in. One day I decided to try out Beartooth Crossfit and see if I like it

or not. As I walked in the door I was greeted by Dru and he started talking to me about the classes and I

told him my back ground and my goals. My goals are to slim down (lose 50lb) and keep my strength.

After football ended I felt that there isn’t any reason to be this big. I worked out that day and ended

feeling at home and loving it. I signed up right away. Ever since then I have been coming here and have

built a relationship with the rest of the trainers and community of BTCF.


Truthfully I was really surprised to be athlete of the month. I could not imagine myself to be

good enough to be “athlete of the month”. I would like to say thanks to all of you for picking me as

“athlete of the month” it really motivates me to push harder and reach my goals. I have lost about 15lb

since I have been coming here and plan on losing way more. I have to give big thanks to Dru for helping

me get through that first Beartooth metcon. Hopefully soon one day I will be able to get my level 1 and

train as a Crossfit coach. I am real proud to call BTCF my home. Love all of you guys. Thanks again.

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