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June Athlete of the Month – Joey Mancuso


June Athlete of the Month – Joey Mancuso

Coming to Beartooth was kind of a random whim. I felt the work outs I was doing myself were not as complete as they should be. I decided I wanted to check out what all the crossfit craze is, luckily the first place I came across was Beartooth. Being a part of Beartooth is more than just attending work outs, its meeting up with friends and bettering ourselves, together.

What I enjoy most about crossfit is the variety every day and the noticeable improvements. Of the workouts I have done “Angie” is my favorite. The feeling after a complete body work out like “Angie” is unlike anything else. Unfortunately with crossfit also comes snatches and over head squats but with the help of the coaches I have started to improve on those dreaded movements.

Beartooth is the first crossfit gym I have been to so I don’t know if others are the same but being a part of Beartooth is more than being a member of a gym, it’s being a member of the Beartooth Crossfit family. With support and tips from everyone it has made me a better, more physically fit person. So thank you to the coaches and everyone who is a part of Beartooth!


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