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January Athlete of the Month – Rob Van Paepeghem


January Athlete of the Month – Rob Van Paepeghem

Beartooth gives me something to look forward to at the end of the work day. It’s a place to forget about the day focus on the WOD and push through. I was doing the INSANITY dvd’s in my garage and got bored with it, came to a couple Saturday classes and I have been hooked since. The coaches and all the people here are great! I thank all of you for your support and giving me the drive to keep up.

What brought you to Beartooth? Got tired out working out in the garage. Needed a change.    insanity was getting old.
What do you like about Crossfit? It’s not the same thing over and over. Movements are always changing. The community.
What is your favorite workout? Angie.
What is your least favorite? Snatch. It’s just so technical
What is your fitness goal?  Strength, weight loss.
What is your favorite cheat meal? Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and biscuits and gravy
If you could tell one thing to some one about Beartooth what would that be? Come give it a shot, it’s a great place to be!


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