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How to Join

Step 1
Drop in and try us out!

Please fill out the contact form with a classes you are interested in attending and we will get back to you ASAP.  Once a class is chosen, we ask that you show up 15-20 minutes before hand so we can answer any of your questions about our programs, prices, schedule, etc.

Please note: CrossFit is infinitely scalable so please do not be concerned dropping in on of our classes. We have the best trainers on staff that will be able to help you modify and scale any movement/number based on you current physical ability.

If the weekend works best, don’t fret, we offer a FREE class every Saturday at 9 am!!!

Step 2
Choose a Membership Plan

After your FREE CrossFit class and you have decided that CrossFit is right for you, select one of our membership offerings. A trainer will help you decide what is best for you based on your needs and current fitness level.

Step 3
Start Your Elements Course!

Once you have decided on what membership works best for you, you will begin our CrossFit Elements Course. This course is based upon individual needs and schedules. We will go over the Your Goals, CrossFit Methodology, Nutrition, Movement Standards, Modifications, Our Program specifically, and much, much MORE! Each day you we will coach you through a “Baseline” workout each day to ease you into what a CrossFit workout is like and what we do on a daily basis. Once Completed feel free to attend any of our classes with the knowledge and understanding of ALL movements and modifications!!

If you are already familiar with CrossFit and have trained at another registered CrossFit Affiliate also fill out the contact form on the left stating your experience and what class you would like to come to try out.

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