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Food Friday: So Much Goodness!!!


Food Friday: So Much Goodness!!!

You want to know the single most important consideration when improving your nutrition? I’ll tell you in a single word: preparation.

Having a regimen is part of the game of life. You have a schedule for work, sleep, school activities and gym time, so why don’t you have a schedule to prepare your meals?

Whether you’re a student, work full-time, or mother 7 kids, you realize soon enough that your nutrition is either there, or non existent.

If you find yourself in the second category (bummer), you will want to focus on the one thing that won’t take a whole lot of effort, but will get you the most results. I ‘ve heard this called the “minimal-effective dose.”

So what is the minimal effective dose when it comes to improving your Nutrition? Prepping your Protein! As CrossFitters (who may also have stressful jobs and schedules), we need a constant influx of amino acids to support recovery, growth and repair of not just muscle, but of every tissue in our body… You can think of yourself as a big bag of protein and water with some carbs and fatty acids attached here and there. <<Science

If you don’t have time to set aside a couple hours once or twice a week and prep ALL your food like all the pros on Instagram, that’s fine. Just prep your protein, like I show in this week’s recipe.

Why would you want to make the effort to do this?? Because you know all too often that when you try to pack a lunch or get home late at night, there are always fats and carbs laying around to be eaten; what’s lacking is lean, pre-made, muscle-building protein. Sooooo, let’s take care of that right now!

Here are some tried and true meat-prep recipes (from Barbell Shrugged) that I have used over and over and recommend to a lot of my gym peeps
Slow-Cooker Buffalo Chicken

6-8 chicken breasts

1 cup Hot Sauce (I use Schlotzsky’s)

2 packets Ranch Seasoning Mix

8 Tbsp. Butter (optional)


Whisk together sauce and seasoning mix and pour over chicken breasts. Dump butter on top. Set crock pot to LOW and let cook for 3-3.5 hours. It’s lean, so don’t let it cook too long.

Taco Ground Turkey

3 lbs 90-99% lean ground turkey

1 bottle of Taco Bell Taco Sauce

1 packet taco seasoning

3 cups Pace Picante Salsa


Brown the turkey. Mix up the sauce ingredients, and add to cooked turkey.

Saucy Beef

2-3 lbs.90-95% lean ground beef

½ cup steak sauce (your choice)

2 Tbsp. chili powder
Cook ground beef in a large skillet, pour into a strainer. Return to skillet, add chili powder, stir thoroughly. Add steak sauce and turn heat to low. Let simmer for 15-20 minutes. Serve with vegetable of your choice ( I prefer peas and carrots and maybe mashed potatoes).

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