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The drop-in fee is $20, $25 with a t-shirt or $50 for a week

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We offer a free class on Saturdays at 9:00am

Frequently asked questions

Do you allow Drop-ins?

We love drop-ins. However, this is not for newbies but rather athletes from out of town that are here visiting. If you are interested you can check out our schedule link on our website for class-times. You can set-up an account and sign-up as a drop-in. The drop-in fee is $20 for one time or $50 for a week (you can purchase a shirt). Please try and arrive 5 minutes early to fill out a waiver and meet the coach. Please be sure to drink plenty of water before and after your workout.

I want to try CrossFit before I join, how do I go about doing this?

We offer a free class on Saturdays at 9:00am and 10:00 am. You can check out our schedule. Once you’ve found it, set-up an account for this free class.

Why do you require a test out if I have been doing CrossFit before joining?

We believe technique is the gateway to getting stronger, healthier and fitter. In order for us to understand what is unique about you and your movements and for you to understand our form expectations and cueing, we have to meet one-on-one. Our test out goes over all nine foundational movements, olympic lifting and basic gymnastics. We expect that you are able to perform these basic movements without instruction as to what they are, this lets us know you are safe to join group classes and that you will not require the bulk of the coaches attention. We will also assess your movement and offer suggestions for improvement and injury prevention techniques. Please beware there is no guarantee that an individual will pass a test out. If you have been doing CrossFit for less then 3 months we recommend going through our Elements program. We do all this because we truly care about your health, fitness and safety. Price of the test-out is $75 for the one-on-one, one-hour session. It’s treated like a Personal Training session.

I have an injury, can I still do CrossFit?

CrossFit is not only a general physical preparedness program, it is also rehabilitative in that it takes the body through a full range of motion about the joint. Proper movement stimulates healing by generating blood flow to the affected areas. We have seen and helped conditions ranging from Parkinson’s to broken bones, to chronic injuries in the soft tissue or joints. If it can happen to the human body, chances are we’ve seen it. How we approach injuries is a learning process between you and us. We want to know the when and what of the injury. From there we can attack the “how to heal”. We have two options for this. We can explain to you our methods and you can scale the WOD’s appropriately or we can arrange personal training session to get you on the healing path.

Kids? Do you allow Kids at CrossFit?

We are currently in the early stages of setting up some CrossFit Kids classes. As of yet, our athletes do not often bring their children to classes, but when they do we ask that they stay off the gym floor when classes are in session, for safety. We don’t have anyone to supervise them (as of now that is).

Can I bring a friend/loved one to the nutrition lecture?

Yes please do, just make sure you sign them up!

What is the WOD?

It is the “Workout of the Day”. This workout could be a “named” workout, developed and described on the national site, or it could be a workout we have developed here. It is all part of the “constant variation” philosophy of CrossFit.

Can I do CrossFit with a neck, back or knee injury?

Yes, we have had numerous clients who came to us with back, knee, or neck pain who have found relief by strengthening the muscles around the problem area. People often neglect exercising their lower back due to fear of re-injuring and then end up weak, de-conditioned, and more susceptible to injury in the future. Every movement in CrossFit is scalable allowing anyone to take part. For example if we have programmed deadlifts (picking up an object off the ground) you can scale it down using a PVC pipe or even just mimicking the movement as rehab.

Can I get a good workout in under 30 minutes?

Yes , more and more research shows that short, high intensity effort will produce better results than long and slow duration. If you run a 10k your intensity (power output) will be lower than if you run 400 meter sprints which will produce a high power output. Meaning you’re doing more work in less time. This is why we will push you to your physiological and psychological tolerances during any given workout. No matter who you are or what workout you do, without hard work you will not receive results. We do run 10k and have workouts that go over 30 minutes on occasion but the majority of our workouts are shorter in duration. We spend the beginning of every class working through active warm-ups and movements designed to increase range of motion. We always spend some time post workout warming down with a post workout stretch and review of the days WOD.

Do I need to get fit before starting CrossFit?

NO! A THOUSAND TIMES NO!!!! CrossFit is designed for athletes of ALL levels — from professional athletes, to desk jockeys, to homemakers, to retirees. We scale load and intensity for all our clients based on their individual fitness level and ability. Going to a traditional health club first will just delay the benefits you will receive from a CrossFit regimen. The workout you see posted on the site is for the most elite athlete. If you see it and think you can’t do a lot of it, no problem, very few can. We can scale every movement and every workout until you are strong/fit enough to complete the workout as it is prescribed (Rx’d). Fitness is an ongoing pursuit. The most elite athlete can come into our gym and find a workout challenging. Nobody is “fit” enough. Whatever level you are at now, you go at the workout as hard to you can getting fitter and fitter each day.

I have heard CrossFit is hard, is this true?

CrossFit is as hard as you make it. When you first start you are encouraged to take it slow, and learn the movements. We encourage you to push yourself as hard as you can which makes CrossFit hard. If you are asked to sprint a 400 meter for time you can do one of two things: sprint it as hard as you can, which will not be a comfortable feeling, or jog it. The person who goes as fast as they can will get better results and yes it will be hard.

Am I too old or too young to start CrossFit?

Because CrossFit uses natural, functional movements anybody can do it. Kids today play on jungle gyms, run, jump, and throw and that’s exactly what we do in CrossFit. You are never too old to start working out! Remember every workout is as hard as YOU make it.

How often do I need to come in?

At Beartooth CrossFit the frequency in which you come will be contingent on how your body feels, your personals and the timeline that is set in place when you go through our Elements class. CrossFit Inc. recommends a three day on one off or five days and two off. You will notice that we program a workout every day for the simple reason that most people have hectic lives and cannot follow a strict three days on, one day off regimen. It is important to note that consistency is key and taking a week or more off is not recommended!