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CrossFit Endurance is an endurance sports training program designed to improve overall fitness, performance and endurance sports potential. The endurance program will make you faster, leaner, more powerful and provide you the tools to maximize effort over longer periods. This program is designed to maximize you as an athlete and elevate your fitness to the next level.

The endurance program focuses on eliminating the overwhelming volume of distance running and replaces it with learning proper run technique and then adding intensity. Don’t be mistaken to mean that less volume means this program is easy…you will be pushed to new physical limits in a challenging, yet fun, environment. This is not another Long Slow Distance (LSD) training program. We train in the phosphagen and glycolytic (or lactate threshold) pathways to optimize your performance in running, triathlon, soccer, football, basketball…and all athletics, with a focus on proper form and mechanics in order to prevent injury.

This program is open to everyone, regardless of experience or membership type. We incorporate the Crossfit methodology into an endurance based program designed to maximize your potential as an athlete. This program is perfect for someone with the goal of doing a 10k, half-marathon,, sprint/olympic distance triathlon or endurance relay run. For the more experienced endurance athlete, this program will push you to new limits and give you the skills to obtain a PR in your next marathon, Ironman or adventure race.

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