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Endurance 9.9.15


Endurance 9.9.15

No Group Led Class tonight ( I am in Conference in Farimont)

However you are welcome to come in and follow the programming below:

Warm Up

12 Min Cycle (Easy pedal low resistance/Mod (light resistance)

Every 3rd Minute you will have a 60 sec Sprint*  (3,6,9,12)

* Rx- Max effort, buns off the seat (slightly increased resistance)

*Scaled- Increase resistance for 60 sec, remain seated


15 min banded or Mob: Start at your ankle/calf and move on up

Endurance Conditioning

2 x 25 m Sprint, 2 x 50 m. Walk/jog back right into next sprint

Rest 3 minutes

3 x 400 m rest 1:1


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