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Endurance 9.29.2015


Endurance 9.29.2015

Warm Up

Dynamic Glute Activation Warm up followed by Hip Mobility (I know we all need this!)

Strength & Conditioning

Front Squats*

Warm up to a 75-80% 1RM .

7 sets of 2-3 reps @ 75-80%

For those just starting a strength cycle, warm up to a 65-70% and perform 6 sets of 4-6 reps today.

Choose from either Skill or conditioning below:

Skill: Power Clean

Perform 2-3  power cleans for 10 sets (60-65% 1 RM). Rest 45-60 sec between sets. Focus on technique, form, and then speed.

Conditioning: Pace /Tempo

4 x 4 Min Row. 2:30 rest between sets. Try to maintain same pace for all sets.  (Alternative- Bike)


*If you did today’s CF main workout you can alternatively do a press in lieu of front squats or work on a Goat movement or Mobility.


Preview of Hip Mobility. As we spend the next 6-8 weeks working on strength, we want to make sure we are spending just as much time working on our mobility.


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