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Endurance 7.15.15


Endurance 7.15.15

3 Mile Run – Pioneer Park Loop  (TT)

6:00 Pm Group Meet @ Pioneer park parking lot.

Hey all, a friendly group run or Time Trial.  We can do some mobility and or hill work after for those willing/wanting.

Don’t forget that we have CFE  Sunday 6pm this week.


Don’t Forget that the BIG SKY STATE GAMES is this weekend.

Road Races (5k, 10k, 1/2 Marathon) on Sat Morning!!!

Join Pete and I  (10 k) and Emily Rankin (1/2 Mar) or join in on the 5k, cycling, tri-athalon or millions of other fun events. For those who like slip and slides, foam stations, and Sprinklers Friday night is the first annual Fun Soaked Run.





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