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Endurance 6.17.15


Endurance 6.17.15

Warm Up

CFE Skill Work

POSE- Pull

3x Cycle 3 min (Proper pull/ push with hamstring) , Run 20 m

CFE Conditioning

Rest 1:1 each.

Between each interval (meter group) re-visit skill/drill work (max 2-3min) before beginning next interval.

5 x 50 m

4 x 100 m

3 x 200 m

2 x 400 m

1 x 800 m

CFE Strength

Banded Hip strengthening

3 x 10 Single leg Squats off box — (Assisted pistol) Scale: Use plates to appropriate height showing hip stability

Focus on Form, make sure we show hip stability (Knees are not caving inward)


Hip Flexor/Groin

Lower back


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