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Endurance 6.10.15


Endurance 6.10.15

Warm Up

Run 200 m

20 Abs*Athlete Choice

Run 200 m

5 Scorpions, 5 Primal Pull Throughs, 5 forward lunges, 5 reverse lunges, 5 side lunges

Mobility: Cobra pose, cat/cow, Couch stretch

CFE Endurance: Warm up: 10-12  Min Easy Cycle

Threshold Training (Cycle/ Row) :

3-4 Rounds

3 min Ride/Cycle (Row)  at high intensity for 3 minutes.

Recovery/Easy Cycle for 2 minutes

Mobility: Roll Out Quads &  Hamstrings

Cash out: CF Abs, Pose Skill Work


***BTCF is hosting a backpack/camping this Sat/Sun outside Big Timber (Blue Lake) we will take off after Sat am classes from Gym;  inquire with Dayne, Katie, or Emily.  If you are unable to attend the group hike/camp,  HW for Endurance: Sat 6/13  8 AM CFE Strength at gym , followed with Sat 9am and 10 am classes.  

For Sunday’s endurance NO MAIN GYM class on Sunday, instead aim for a 3-7**  mile tempo run @ 70% 5k time.  ** Based on skill level, this run should take you 60-90 minutes (Not ME run). 


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