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Endurance 5.20.15 – 5.24.15


Endurance 5.20.15 – 5.24.15

Shout out to last weeks charity Runners (Run for Heavens Sake) :

Jake E., Kasey A., Emily R., Matt S. and Travis for last weeks Run on Sunday. Awesome Work!!!

Endurance Wednesday 5.20.15

Warm-Up :

2 Rounds

200 m Run

5 primal pull throughs into Cobra

10 banded pull aparts

10 Hollow Rocks

DE: Strict Press 8 x 3 @ 55% 1 RM   Focus on technique and then Speed

10 Min EMOM alternating movements:

on the first minute (odd):  6 KB power snatches (alternating arms)  Elite 70/53   Rx 53/35

on the second minute (even): 12 RKB swings   Elite 70/53    Rx 53/35

Tempo Conditioning: Run, bike, Row

4 x 4 min repeats (@ cadence) with 3 min rest between.  If you have a watch or metronome you are more than welcome to bring this with you to class.



Endurance Saturday 5.23.15

You can join me at 8:00 AM @ Gym

Focus today is Recovery Work (Typically, if a class held on Sat we will cover Skills or hosted Group Run). Also, I’m not sure what kind of fun shenanigans the Fri night throwdown has entailed so this may be a good time to re-coop.

Deadlift: DE: 10 x 2 @ 65% 1 RM. Move the weight fast and Focus on Technique.

Stick around for the 9 am Group Wod!


Endurance Sunday 5.24.15

I notice that a lot of us are still very much Quad  dominate runners. I want to spend some time with strength/skill work this next 2 weeks getting us into our hamstrings and glutes when we run. This is a major need  for our upcoming drills and with injury prevention to our knees and lower limb musculature.

We started last Sunday with our box Squat and will continue again this Sunday with the Box Squat and  accompanying Wod to strengthen the usage of our hamstring/glutes in  relationship to our running gait.  If you are not a runner you can certainly choose to row!  Following the WOD we will have a group Mobility sesh  to keep us limber and mobile!

Warm Up

Max Effort : Box Squat

7  sets  at  2-3 reps on every :45 sec (65-70% 1RM). Rest will be the remaining time.

8th set: ME Box Squat

Rest 3 min

5 Rounds

30 Air Squats ( or 15 wtd back squats @ 55-60 % 1 RM)

400 m Run/ Row


Cash Out: ME Farmer Carry


Next Wed 4/27/15 we will aim for a Group Trail Run that evening covering 4- 7 miles  . 

Location TBD and announced.





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