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Endurance 5.13.2015


Endurance 5.13.2015

Warm Up 2 mile Run  (Scale 1 Mile Warm Up)

Technique/ Skill Drill Work

Endurance Conditioning

Option 1:  Long Interval Training

(LI) Run:  1 mile repeats. Continue until pace/form deteriorates. (Scale 800 m repeats)

(LI) Row: 1600 m Row. Continue until pace deteriorates. (Scale 1000 m Row)

Option 2: Pace Work with Short Interval sprints: 

2 x  (25, 50, 100 m Shuttle Sprint) . Rest 1 minute between rounds


 then, 15 min Easy Cycle (bike) or Row

2 x (25, 50, 100 m Shuttle Sprint). Rest 1 min between rounds

then, 15 min Mod Cycle (bike) or Row (increase intensity). Last minute Spend time off seat.

800 m – 1 mile cool down jog/run


**Reminder : This Saturday is Run for Heaven’s Sake. Join Fellow BTCF”s : Emily R., Kasey, Matt , Travis  running for a cause.

This is a good option for a 5k, 10k, and half marathon**

Also, Congrats to our Womens’ Run Runners this past weekend: Emily Rankin, Josie Evans, and Terra Bill!



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