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Endurance 4.29.15


Endurance 4.29.15

Pace Run @ Norm’s Island/ Riverfront

Start: 2 Mile Loop of Norm’s Island then we will weave over to Riverfront Park and add more distance to our choosing depending on the trail system (A combined distance of any where from 4-6 +  miles) This is a relatively flat course and trail system, you can decide to run 2 miles, 4 miles, or adventure on the many trails for additional mileage.

For those choosing to cycle, I would go with a mountain bike (Norm’s island is a well groomed dirt path with some slight single track paths and Riverfront has a main paved path and numerous dirt paths to venture on).

If you would like to car pool or need directions, please contact Dru or Emily or a fellow endurance comrade.

Any one is welcome to join!

Dru 406 672-2599

Emily 406 670-2766

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