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Endurance 4.22.15


Endurance 4.22.15

**Meet at Gym**

Warm Up Run  (Group Run) to Lillis Park

Skill Work/ Endurance Conditioning

Interval Running

Focus on Speed with  technique/ Form

Cash Out at Gym :

Complete Squat Cycle (Main Wod)

Core Connection work

or 5 Turkish get-ups (strict form) each side, then 3 sled drags AHAP



Unglue Lower Limb  (Mash with a purpose Posterior Tib/Soleus)

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]

Medial Chain : Groin and Inner Thigh

Tight adductors from SDHP yesterday or just plain tight make sure to get this one in :

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]


Hamstring Stiffness?

Grab a Green band and place around Rig, Wrap band around Hamstring. Step back into Split Lunge (Keeping banded leg in front). Use your hands for balance on the ground, get into a position where band tension is taught- Leg split into a V. THINK of a Sprinter in a starting position. Movement:  load your hip and floss forward and back by lunging forward with banded hamstring.  You can turn around with back to rig for a hip distraction.

Also, Use a band to stretch hammies. Remember to spend a combined 2 minutes minimum in each stretch (This does not have to be all in 1  stretch period. If really tight hamstrins, get in 30-45 seconds of a good stretch, 10 sec breather and back into it for a total of 2 min active stretch time) Try to get a deeper stretch each time or last 10 sec seek to go a little further in your stretch .

Hip Mobility/ Internal and External  Rotation

See Endurance Mobility book for guidance. Mob upper/medial glute to hamstring (ball in hip)  and then work both an internal and external flexion stretch, can use a box or band assistance.

Heel Cord Love  (Good for calf tightness which can affect ankle stiffness which leads upward to knee pain…. ahem, lets all stay Supple from our tooties up!)

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]

Spinal Twist- Cobra Pose

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