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Endurance 10.6.15


Endurance 10.6.15

Dynamic Warm Up

Glute Activation, Hip mobility

Back Squat (Week 1)

Today marks Week 1 of our Strength and Mobility Cycle. We will spend 4 weeks working on our muscular endurance and strength. We will perform strength sets for back squat and squat variations (box, front, pause holds) , deadlift and DL variations. We will pair our lifting days with a conditioning Wod that adds assistance work and conditioning.

Warm Up sets

5 reps @ 65%

5 reps @75 %

5 + reps @ 85%*

*3rd set is as many  reps as possible, You should go until you know the next rep is failure.

(If you did back squats yesterday you can choose to get your 1 RM Bench/Press from Saturday or continue Hip mobility).  If you don’t know what your 1 RM’s are then we will spend this week getting our 1 RM numbers and then start our strength cycle next weeks.

Conditioning Wod

Buy in: 50 lunges (alternating)

5 Rounds of

20 Double Unders

12 GHD sit ups (sub V-sit ups)

Buy Out: 50 Lunges


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