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Endurance 10.3.15 and 10.4.15


Endurance 10.3.15 and 10.4.15

Saturday  10/3/15   8 am

Work will be TBD and as needed. You can either get in the conditioning and spend some  extra with mobility , or make up skill or S&C.

Guided Recommendations Below. Choose 1 or talk to your trainer regarding any skill or GOAT work you need.

(a) Conditioning is 3000-5000 m Row or 20 min cycle. Followed by 20-30 min Mobility.  Or if mobility is your main focus, spend a about 10 min getting your muscles warmed up (think dynamic here) before mobbing and stretching out those muscles. See your trainer for guidance if needed.

(b) Box Squat (Back Sqt). EMOM for 8 minutes. 3 Box Back Squats @ 60% of 2 RM.  Bench Press. Work up to your 2 RM.

(C) Hamstring/Glute Activation skill and exercises .


Sunday 10/4/15  6 pm

Dynamic Group Warm Up

DE: Deadlift

8 x 2 Deadlifts @ 65% 2 RM, Rest :45 sec

While the 2nd rep is a touch and go, focus on Form and setup from start to finish.

Endurance Wod:

Ascending AMRAP in 8 minutes of: 4 Toes to Bar *

1 Squat Clean @ 80% of 2 RM *

*2nd minute 8 T2B. 2 SC…3rd minute 12 T2B, 3 SC…. Continue adding 4 T2B per round and 1 SC until time is up. Score = total reps.  Scale: Knees to Chest. SC @ 60-75% of 2 RM.

While time/speed  and reps are important , let’s focus on those squat cleans. Near perfect execution from start to finish. This is the time to practice our form.


Let’s attack our Neck and shoulder complex and attached musculature today first and then move to core/back and then finish on our lower leg musculature. No less than 15 min of Quality time here guys.

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