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Crossfit Endurance Intro – Saturday the 17th @ 3:00PM


Crossfit Endurance Intro – Saturday the 17th @ 3:00PM

***Join us this Saturday January 17th at 3 p.m. for your introduction into CrossFit Endurance***

So what is CrossFit Endurance…

A CrossFit Endurance program, as Brian MacKenzie has developed it, prepares an athlete for a race by combining specific running workouts, strength workouts, and CrossFit metabolic conditioning workouts. As MacKenzie asserts, the use of CrossFit workouts—with their myriad health and athletic benefits—allows a runner to obtain equal if not greater performance results while simultaneously decreasing the chance of injury.

So what results can CFE runners hope for?

Under the CFE method, they can expect the following:

1. Sustained or improved performance while running fewer miles overall
2. Reduced injury risk as “junk” mileage is replaced with functional fitness workouts that train the same energy systems
3. Increased explosive power and speed
4. Less damage to mobility and range of motion through incorporating workouts that improve range of motion in the joints and muscle tissues
5. Increased production of human growth hormone, which helps counter the natural loss of muscle mass that comes with age
6. Revved-up fat-burning metabolism to burn excess body fat
7. Improved coordination of upper- and lower-body muscle groups through the inclusion of compound movements in training
8. Better race performance through greater strength, improved form, and greater running efficiency.
9. Faster Recovery after Races

Look forward to seeing you there!

Instructor Info

B.S. Health & Human Performance, Exercise Science, 2010
Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certification, 2010
Crossfit Level 1 Certification, 2014

For me, running is my meditation, which turned into motivation. From a decade ago, being a cross-country runner, to working with cross-country and soccer athletes in College, to barely running 2 miles a day. The motivation was gone,until I re-immersed myself into road-biking and trail running. Then I decided to try my first Triathlon, and completely fell back in love with the drive and pursuit of achieving something. Then insert, Crossfit, and again fell in love, but found little time to actively be outside the BOX, because quite honestly , there is so much to improve and achieve inside the box that it can be addicting smile emoticon So I am happy to begin working with our box and each and everyone of you in becoming more efficient endurance athletes, help promote sound form while minimizing the risk of injury, becoming stronger, but most importantly to have fun, form bonds that inspire, drive, and motivate each and everyone of us to tackle, complete, and finish those things on our life’s to do list.Print

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