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Blood Drive held by United Blood Services – Gym Closed Friday, July 17th


Blood Drive held by United Blood Services – Gym Closed Friday, July 17th

Hey Grizzlies,

We will be shutting down the gym Friday, July 17th on behalf of another lifesaving blood drive

held by United Blood Services. Become a hero and donate blood to help save those patients in

need. We ask if you can sacrifice one WOD out of your week by donating, which your one

donation could save up to three lives. Blood donations are used for many purposes, including

armed service men and women posted overseas.  Donors are suggested to hold off on working

out before or after donating blood for health and safety reasons, basically, to sacrifice the WOD.

Members who lose workout time on 7/17 owing to the blood drive are encouraged to make up

the WOD on 7/18.  Beartooth will host a special “HERO DONOR WOD” from 9-10 and from



Beartooth’s blood drive will run from 2:00-5:30 p.m. on Friday, July 17th at the gym. To help

streamline the donation process, complete your online health history questionnaire before you

come to the drive. The health history must be completed the same day as the donation; it

cannot be completed a day or two ahead of time. To access the questionnaire, go to the

following website: to create an account and sign

in. is the link for setting up a time during the

drive to give blood. (Expect up to 1 hour of your time during your blood draw.)  Use the link to

choose a donor time between 2:00 and 5:30 p.m.  Beartooth will also have a sign up sheet

available for donors who have not registered online. Or call United Blood Services at 406-248-

9168 to make your appointment!


Important: Before you start the questionnaire, please enter your first and last name exactly as it

appears on your donor ID card (if you don’t have a card, use your legal name). Do not use

punctuation marks (such as apostrophes) or special characters (such as hyphens).


Lastly, make sure to eat a hearty meal and drink plenty of non-caffeinated beverages before

coming in to donate. Please encourage family members, friends and neighbors to donate too!


Thank you for finding the hero in you!

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