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Battle of the Beasts Event Details – Athletes


Battle of the Beasts Event Details – Athletes


Battle of the Beasts

Saturday, June 27.

7:00 a.m.—8:00 p.m.

Hosted by Beartooth Crossfit


located at Lockwood School

(See site map attached.)

[Exit I 90 at the Lockwood Exit, turn SOUTH (left if coming from the east, right if from the west). You will be on Old Highway 87, which hooks around to the left to a 4-way stop at 3G’s. Turn RIGHT at the 4-way—you will be on Old Highway 87 (a.k.a. Hardin Road). Lockwood School is a red-brick building complex on the RIGHT no more than a mile in from the 4-way. Drive PAST the school: look for the upper entrance that leads to the upper parking lot and baseball diamond—watch for signs.

Athletes and spectators need to bring:

 shade/shelter (tent, awning,

 bottled drinking water and other

 chairs, sit-upons, ground tarps

 athletic tape, wraps, other necessities

 ice, coolers

Beartooth CrossFit will supply:

 cool down water station—potable water from a portable tank

 porta-potties

Also available at cost:

 juice vendor (Get Juiced)

 food vendor (Cajun Phatties—offering health food and some paleo)

 licensed physical therapist—offering rock tape and limited assistance (Lone Peak Physical Therapy)

NOT available on site:

 electric hook up

 running water

 group shelter


Check-in is Friday, June 26 from 6-9 p.m. at Beartooth Crossfit, 2940 Grand Avenue, Billings. (Teams arriving Saturday will check-in at the Lockwood School competition site 6:00-6:45am.) Team members will be supplied with athletic bags, T’s, shorts, and various donated items at check-in. Each team member MUST sign a liability waiver at check-in to be able to compete. All team fees, if not already paid, must be paid at check-in.

CONTACT: 701.317.2243

OR 406.672.2599

Glad to have you! Have a

great competition!




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