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July Athlete of the Month – Danielle Gamradt


July Athlete of the Month – Danielle Gamradt

I started with Beartooth Crossfit at the end of May, 2014.  Feeling slow, skinny-fat, and scared, interestingly enough, I found myself looking forward to the 4:30 workout and mostly the people. I walk through the Beartooth Crossfit doors at 4:20 (actually4:35, damn traffic) carrying the sluggish devil on my shoulder telling me to just go home, come back another day or noticing I have a hang nail and that will probably impede my performance.  But then I see all the friendly faces, hear the warm hellos and the beat of music and I want to stay.  I want to stay not because I want a rock hard body, well that is part of it, I stay because I feel at ease and I want my coach to push me a little harder so I can have all of the benefits crossfit can give me.


It is not an easy task to work full-time, be a mom, a wife, and try to remember who I am.  But that is exactly it.  I know who I am when I rack the weight from my back squat max.  Stereotypes have surrounded me my entire life, code for the blonde hair jokes.  Over the past year I have gained satisfaction proving I am more than a hair color.  The first time I went up the rope or at least the first time I attempted to go up the rope, I was the awkward 8 year old in gym class all over again.  With some hard work and help from my coach, I was up the rope in 3 pulls and I have the rope burns and scars to prove it.  I can’t think of one move that when I started I looked like I was riding a bike for the first time without training wheels.  But just like riding a bike, I have kept climbing back on with torn palms and scuffed up shins.


I accept this award with the utmost sincerity.  I truly believe Beartooth Crossfit has the most exceptional staff and by far the most exceptional members.  J  Thank you for being my support through all the falls and crashes life brings and thank you for continuing to believe in this working full-time, wife and mother of 3.  J

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