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5.9.15 Spartan Adventure Race Details


5.9.15 Spartan Adventure Race Details

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A Group of us will caravan  up on Friday morning. We are planning to meet at the gym and take off about 7 am.   As we are prepping to leave, there are a few items that have been brought up: Food, hydration, what to expect, what to wear, what to bring? Since none of us have ran the Spartan Beast before, we are relying on others advice, memories from Spartan Sprint, and Google.

So far, here is what we know:

Food/ Water

Start hydrating now.  Begin to slowly increase your water intake, aiming towards a gallon/day. Don’t go overboard here, we just want to make sure you are optimally prepping your body, and being hydrated will be advantageous.

There are approx 4 water stations during the Beast. If you are concerned about staying hydrated, bring a camel back for the race. No food is provided at aid stations, so I would highly  recommend packing some energy gels (rec 3-4) and  an electrolyte capsule, if you think you may not make it without real “food” then if you can pack it, maybe an energy bar?


There are obstacles, it might rain, it will be muddy, temperature is unpredictable, and for some of you there might be chaffing. Let’s plan for this. Some of you might want to tape ankles/ knees for better stability. Wear tighter fitting compression gear, tall socks if you are wearing shorts. Arm sleeves/ calf sleeves your call.  Spring run off will be cold, a layering of light weight clothing may be beneficial.  I would recommend trail running shoes or something with traction and ankle support.   Headlamp? Anti-chafing balm?

After the Race

Some items to consider: A Change of clothes and fresh socks, sack to put dirty race clothes in, towel,  snacks and electrolyte capsule, and probably money.  Blister care or sandals for those who might have a blister 🙁

Most importantly a Great Attitude!  Our start time is 11:30 am on Saturday. We will pick up our packets Friday and can finalize our car pooling to the event when we congregate Friday. Don’t forget that the Herring’s (Trish and Russ) are running the Hurricane Heat Friday night, so let’s give them a big shout out!

Race Details

Distance: 12-14 miles
Obstacles: 30-35

Avg. temperature: High 67, Low 42
Avg. rainfall: 1.85”
Elevation: 3156 ft
Terrain: A mix of technical single track, old 4wd roads, bushwhacking, and open hill-top
overlooking Flathead Lake!
Avg. finish time: 5+ hours
Fastest finish time: 3 hours
Course Description: The Montana Course will be designed on-site by the founders and staff of Spartan Race and will feature a generous 12+ miles of Spartan obstacles scattered throughout. The Founders Series of events consist of no frills, old-school courses that are a great introduction to the Spartan lifestyle.
Special Gear Needed: We highly recommend that all athletes carry a headlamp and their own water supply in a camelback, or other type of pack.
Headlamp Cutoff: All racers on course after 9:00pm on Saturday must have a headlamp or be with other racers that have a light source on them.
Course Cutoff: Racers will be redirected or pulled from course at the discretion of the race director 8 hours after the last start time.


Beast Finishers Medal
A trifecta medal wedge piece (run a Sprint and Super to collect your remaining two pieces!
Beast Finisher t-shirt (your other one should be pretty dirty!)
Free Professional Photos
Bananas at the finish line
Clif Builder’s protein bar
Bragging rights

PARKING: Available but limited.  Carpooling encouraged.

Venue is located near Kalispell, Montana, the Gateway to Glacier National Park.

We will offer free shuttle-bus service to bring racers and spectators to and from the venue.

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