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15 seconds high stalder hold

30 seconds straddle frog stretch

10 diamond push ups

1 minute pancake stretch

10 lunge to handstand weight transfers

30 second wall shoulder stretch

Group Warm-up

3 Rds NFT

250m Row @ 85%

10 Med Ball Cleans

10 Scorpions

10 Pass Throughs

10 Kip Swings (Try to get progressively bigger on these!)


A1 5x 6 BB Bicep Curl

A2 5×4 Reverse Grip Bench press

*I know some of you are probably like we are not a “globo” gym or we are CrossFitters and we don’t do bicep curls….. truth is curls and benching can get a bad wrap. From my stand point I see as much if not more hyper mobility in the elbow as I do poor mobility. This not a good thing either. Quite a few athletes in the gym are in need of reorganizing the leverages of the bicep on the elbow. The bicep is a functional muscle but given its secondary nature in most movement, can become underdeveloped. Not to mention, sometimes it just feels good to curl!!


10 R.F.T

1 Bar Muscle Up (If you cannot do a Bar Muscle Up then you will have 4 C2B instead of 2)

2 C2B

3 Pull Ups

4 Strict Dips

5 Push Ups

6 Burpess

7 Sit Ups



A) Work to a Max Effort Set of UB HSPU

B) 5×50% of Above

C) Work to a max set of Strict Ring Dip

D) 5×40% of Above


Work on that April Challenge!


2 Min E/S Bicep Smash

2 Min Lat Smash

2 Min Thoracic Spine

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